We welcome our guests from 06.04.2023!


Welcome at Sóvár!

 We kindly welcome you at the Hungarian YMCA’s youth conference center. Sóvár awaits visitors seeking tranquility and peace all year long. It is located at Balatongyörök, only about 100 meters from the shore, that features one of the best panoramas of lake Balaton. Balatongyörök is located at the north-western part of the lake, at the edge of Keszthely mountains, near Hévíz and Keszthely. 

Our institution was designed to provide convenient accommodation for groups of 20-25 grown-ups, and is fitted with 35 beds in 8 rooms with hand washing sinks included. Next to the main building we have a “small house”, where we also welcome guests, so the full capacity can be increased to 43 persons. The “small house” can also be used by smaller groups, and families. There are several community rooms fully equipped with technical appliances, which support relaxation and group activities even in bad weather and in the winter.


Sóvár Awaits!


Tamás Marton institute manager - martontamas@kie.hu - +36 20 327 23 82

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